Chapter Eight : Azriel is on the run

“I can’t live here. This place is the reason of my parents’ death. I can’t betray them. I need to leave. I need to leave now. But how? These servants. I need to make them leave this room first.” All these thoughts started bothering Azriel the moment King Arthur left.
And suddenly an idea strike her mind.
“I am feeling little uneasy. Can you all please leave i want to sleep for some time?” Holding her head, pretending of having headache Azriel asked all the servants.
The head of servants replied ,” Sure your highness, we are leaving but one servant will be standing outside of your door, whenever you need something just let her know.”

When all the servants left, Azriel took off all the curtains from the windows and tied them end to end.
She succeeded in making a rope long enough to climb down through the window.
After some time, king Arthur came to check up on Azriel but when he entered the room, Azriel was already gone. He saw a rope made of curtains hanging through the window. It didn’t take him long to realize what happened. He didn’t want anyone to know that’s why he secretly ordered some servants to search all the palace rooms.
And he ordered his personal guards to check Azriel’s uncle’s house.
He knew that would be the first place Azriel would go to look for her uncle and aunt.