Chapter Seven: Azriel is married now

After 4 hrs of being fainted, Azriel opened her eyes. And what she saw, she saw herself surrounded by people, people holding a glass of water, people holding a glass of juice, some holding plates of fruits and all are dressed in a nice and clean uniform. She got amazed. She tried to recall, what exactly happened. The last thing she remembered is that she was yelling at King Arthur. She tried hard but she couldn’t recall a thing after that.

Suddenly, she heard a sound that blew her mind, ” Your highness! Are you feeling ok? Or should we call the doctor again?” One girl holding a glass of water asked Azriel. It didn’t take her long to realize that, the people surrounding her were actually, palace’s servants.

But how she got there? Why were those servants using words like “Your highness” for her? These questions started bothering Azriel and giving her a headache.

Then she heard King Arthur, ” don’t exert too much pressure on your brain, you are still not well”.

King Arthur entered the room and ordered all the servants to leave.

“I know what’s bothering you. So, before you start asking lots of your annoying questions, how about I answer all of your questions in just a single statement? So, Ms. Azriel Derek, now you are the second queen of this palace that means now you are Mrs. Azriel Arthur. And to make you believe here is our marriage certificate”. King Arthur said to Azriel, handing over the marriage documents having Azriel’s thumbprint on it.

Azriel was shocked. She couldn’t say a single word.

“You take your time as much as you need to process all the information. Whenever you will be done, we will proceed with your introduction to everyone. Till then take rest.” King Arthur said to Azriel and left.

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