Chapter Six: The Funeral day

Sadly, this is the day of Azriel’s parent’s funeral. All villagers were present for the service. The whole atmosphere was depressing as if they were mourning for losing beautiful souls like Derek and Isabelle. Both were so kind and helpful to everyone. There was not a single person in the village who was not helped by them.
Everyone said few words showing gratitude towards Derek and Isabelle for whatever they had done to help them and offered flowers to their grave.
Azriel was just standing and staring their parent’s grave as if she was wishing some miracle to happen as if she had still hope that maybe it was all just a nightmare and she would be woken up anytime by her mother like every other day.
And suddenly she heard the sound of the palace’s carriage arriving. It was king Arthur. He came too to attend Derek’s and Isabelle’s funeral ceremony. For him, Derek and Isabelle were like parents. He was very close to them. And inside somewhere in his heart, he was also blaming himself for their death.
The moment he got out of his carriage, he found Azriel in front of him.
“Why? Why have you killed my parents? What wrong did they do to you? They had always treated you like their own son. They were innocent. But you must be aware of the consequences of your decision. Then how? How can you do this to them? How? Tell me how? You are a killer Mr wicked king. You are the killer of my parents.” Azriel cried. She cried so hard that she got fainted.

to be contd….

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