Chapter Five : She bid them Goodbye

After the death of King Raymond, the throne got transferred to prince Arthur as he was the only son of the king.

The whole kingdom was worried as everyone was well known of the arrogant behaviour of the prince.

When on his crowning day, prince Arthur appointed courtier Derek, father of Azriel to be his main advisor as he was the only one who knew prince Arthur very well, everyone got relieved. But few courtiers were not happy about this. Since they knew that in the presence of Derek, they would not be able to manipulate King Arthur and get benefitted of his weak position as they were expecting before.

So, they came in alliance and started plotting to get rid of Derek as soon as possible.

One day, on their way home, Derek and Isabelle, Parents of Azriel got attacked by some masked bandits. Derek tried to fight with them but in front of their fighting skills, he was nothing. After all, he was just a mere courtier for a very long time. In the end, he couldn’t save his or his wife’s lives.

Azriel was eagerly waiting for their parents to come home. She did preparations the whole day for their 25th wedding anniversary. She wanted to give them a surprise. But she didn’t know that instead of surprising them, she would receive such shocking news about them. Instead of wishing them, she would have to bid them goodbye.

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