Chapter Four: King Raymond’s last wish

Things didn’t go the way King Raymond thought. Even it got worst. Instead of wandering in the whole palace, yelling on all the servants, Prince Arthur started spending all the time locked in his room. Nobody knew the reasons and nobody dared to ask.

On the other hand, Princess Morrin was feeling on the top of the world. She had nothing to do with prince Arthur. She was always used to be busy in adoring jewelleries.

King Raymond couldn’t bear the guilt of forcing his son into an unwanted marriage and fall sick. Doctors from all the kingdoms were called. But no one could find the reason for his sickness. No one was able to cure him.

In his last moments, he just wanted to see his son.

Prince Arthur was informed about his father’s wish of seeing him. Nobody believed that he would come. Everyone knew how much he hated his father. But surprisingly he showed up.

He entered the room and everyone was said to leave by king Raymond. King Raymond hold prince Arthur’s hand, that was the first time after the death of his wife, Prince Arthur got startled.

“Oh, my son!! I am so sorry. I couldn’t be the father you deserved. I couldn’t be there when you needed me. I am the most unfortunate father who couldn’t see his child growing up. I got so lost in my pain that I couldn’t see yours. And to cover my all past mistakes, I did one more. I made you marry a girl whom you don’t love. I couldn’t give you love my son, but I want you to have the feeling of being loved by someone. I want you to experience the love that I did with your mother. I will never ask for forgiveness for what I did. But I want my son’s happiness from you. If you ever want my soul to be rested in peace, I am sure you will find love for my son. I am sure you will fulfil my last wish of seeing my son spending his life with the person who loves him.”

These were the last words of King Raymond and his last wish…

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