Chapter Two: The Wicked Prince

The kings and queens from all around the globe were gathered for the marriage ceremony of Prince Arthur and Princess Morrin. All were engaged in greeting each other, congratulating prince and princess and with other party stuff.

The moment Azriel entered the palace, the attention of the whole crowd got focused on her. She was looking like an angel wearing a pink gown when she entered holding her father’s hand. She was not wearing any jewelry, only a lotus bracelet on her wrist. Her look was so simple in comparison to other queens who were loaded with make-up and gold jewelry but her innocent smile was complimenting her beauty perfectly.

She walked ahead with her father and got introduced to everyone for the first time. She congratulated the prince and princess for their marriage.

And suddenly a tray of chocolates caught her sight. She left in between the conversation and started chasing the tray. She reached the kitchen. There she saw a guy talking to the kitchen’s chef, something about those chocolates. She ignored him and reach out for the chocolates. Then she interrupted in-between

“Hey, Hi Milady!! How may I help you?” The guy talking to the chef’s asked.

Azriel looked at him and wondered, “Who is he? He looks royal by his getup.”

“Oh, let me introduce myself first.” The guy interrupted again.

“Myself Prince Lucas, son of King David. I am the cousin brother of Prince Arthur”, he greeted.

“Myself Azriel, daughter of the courtier Derek”, Azriel greeted back.

“Oh! Nice name. You must be here for the prince’s marriage. Why are you in here then? You must be enjoying the party.” Prince Lucas questioned.

Azriel pointed to the chocolates making a cute face.

Prince Lucas smiled and said,” Oh, you like these chocolates. You should have said before. Let me grab some for you”.

As he moved ahead to give those chocolates to Azriel, Prince Arthur stopped him and gave an angry look to him. Then he looked at Azriel and said,

“You, what was your name? Doesn’t matter. Don’t you know, only royal family members and royal workers are allowed to enter the royal kitchen? And you are not either of them. So, it would be better for you, if you leave right now “, he said arrogantly.

Azriel looked at him annoyingly and murmured, “Wicked Prince”.

“What have you just said?”, Prince Arthur asked.

“Who? Me? Nothing.” Azriel replied and run away laughing loudly.

“Oh, brother!! Why did you do that? She was definitely my type.”, Prince Lucas asked annoyingly.

“I don’t think so”, Prince Arthur replied and left.

To be contd…

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