Chapter One – Azriel ‘s Parents: Derek and Isabelle

Azriel ‘s parents used to work in the palace of King Raymond. They were not much well to do. But they were close to the King. The king was a widower. He used to love his wife a lot. His wife passed away at the time of giving birth to a son. To distract himself from his heart’s pain, he started keeping himself busy in the palace’s work. Meanwhile, Azriel ‘s parents took care of everything of the prince. Even the name of the prince was given by them, Arthur.

But since Prince Arthur was brought up without his real mother or father, he was very rude and short-tempered. He used to be angry all the time. All the servants were scared of him. He only used to listen to Azriel ‘s parents.

There was no communication between the King and Prince Arthur. Azriel ‘s parents used to keep the King updated of the Prince ‘s activities. The King was worried about Prince’s behavior so he decided to make Prince marry a daughter of one of his close friends. Somehow, Azriel ‘s parents convinced Prince to get married to Morrin, the daughter of King Norman.

The huge ceremony was held. The whole kingdom was invited in the marriage of Prince Arthur.

Azriel was very excited as she was going to visit the palace for the first time. She was not allowed to enter the palace before by her parents as they were worried about her mischievous behavior.

We will see what turmoil will Azriel bring in the next chapter when she will enter the palace for the first time?

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