You were my first love

You were my first love,

As you know it already.

I have lost your friendship too several times,

Perhaps because of this only.

We have been apart for a long long time.

Our life have gone through many changes even being unrecognized.

But still I remember that first day,

When you came in my way.

Your that speedy bicycle ride,

With your glittery eyes,

Over that your soothing voice,

Were making everything just simply mesmerized.

I don’t know what were among these,

That made me fall for you.

It seemed to me that,

I have been made only for you.

I hadn’t done it deliberately.

It was just a fault of time.

I just wanna tell you that,

Why not we let it go,

Everything will be alright with time,

If you are ready to go with the flow.

Please forgive my past mistakes,

I just wanna know you little more.

I promise not to repeat that again,

If you give me one another chance,

To be your friend forever once again.

8 thoughts on “You were my first love

  1. This is really really beautiful! Sometimes people are absolutely meant to be together. I read something long ago that said when a special couple is meant to be then no one on the planet can hold them back. It’s like magnets, they are drawn together. I’m sure the person you are writing about feels this pull to and longs to be your friend again and more.

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