Something is going on inside me

Now-a-days I am noticing myself .
Something is going on inside me.
I am changing.
These changes are really shocking.
Even unexpectable for me .
I have developed over-possession for someone .
I have started feeling jealousy too.
I have started putting restrictions on someone .
I have started expecting too.
I have become stubborn for someone .
I have started over-reacting too.
I have losted my practicality .
I have started living in fantasy with someone .
I have started ignoring the whole world .
Someone has started becoming my everything now-a-days .
Along with all these changes ,
I have developed a fear too .
A fear of losing that someone .
My changes are unexpectable for my someone too.
I need a great understanding from the side of that someone.
But if it doesn’t happen so,
I can’t say…through what,I will have to go through in my coming days….☆

6 thoughts on “Something is going on inside me

  1. Thank you for following my book review blog! I read a quote somewhere a while ago that said you shouldn’t be scared of change, because how do you know the future that is coming isn’t better than what you have now? Stay positive!

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  2. Change can be scary but if you want a new life then you have to take on a new role. I’m sure everything will be just fine. Oh, and love the photo. I felt like Belle growning up. She is my all time favorite princess. She should get more respect because she did something no one else could do, she tamed the beast.

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