4 thoughts on “I wish I could erase them

  1. I just know that wishing for a redo only steals your joy and keeps you from being happy now. I was telling my daughter yesterday that not everyone will simply listen and heed good advice. Some people have to touch the hot stove for themselves to see that it hurts. Just don’t waste your energy on the bad and what doesn’t work and focus on the stuff that does work and does bring you joy because that evil law of attraction says what we focus on us what we get or what will grow so grow good things in your life. Okay ☺

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  2. We all have things that we do or is done to us but life doesn’t give us a magic wand to delete those events. Good or bad they taught you a lesson. I had a horrible horrible childhood, but I DON’T wish any of it away because it taught me how to be a kind and compassion person. I had a shining example of what not to be and I don’t sit around feeling bitter and you shouldn’t either. Do your best and if you fall dust yourself off and get back up.

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