Farewell Mr Stranger!!

I used to miss you every now and then.
Now, I think about you all the time.
But, there are some differences.
Before,I used to smile whenever you crossed my mind.
Now, I feel disgusted.
Memories we made so beautifully together,
All are shattered now.
Memories that I used to cherish before,
Have started hurting me now.
You have ruined everything.
You used to be a beautiful chapter in my life’s story.
Now, I want to rip those pages and get rid of them for good.
I thought I knew you, we were very close.
I realized now that it was just a mere illusion
I used to be grateful that you were part of my life.
Now, I regret it.
I should have never met you.
I should have never fallen in love with you.
I wish to forget all about you now.
Farewell Mr stranger !!!